Hi. My name is Sarah and I run a bookstore in San Francisco called Morrill Books.

We sell new and used books, videos, toys, furniture, knick-knacks, art and boxes of decomposing old National Geographic Magazines that people donate because they just hate to throw them away. This is the page that we call

Smiled Upon by Popular Culture

These are books that we have but don't really push. They help pay the bills and we kind of like paying the bills.

Stray Lists:

Titanic books.

Mythology Books

Boring Lists

Random Stuff

Some books by Mary Higgins Clark

Cold Mountain --veritable literature

What you need to know about wills, especially regarding leaving money to your kids of getting money from your parents.

The Norton Anthology of American Literature  5th Edition, Vol 1 by Nina Baym  -- about $52.00.

Stupid White Men by Michael Moore

Katharine Graham's autobiography

Video Games and Such
PlayStation 2 by Sony --  about $149.00

Dynasty Warriors 5 for the PS2 --  about $49.00

Harry Potter--The Goblet of Fire for the PS2 -- about $39.00

Memory Cards for the PS2 -- a two pack -- a good savings. About $30.00.


Who has time to read? Watch it on  video
Found Books

        Abandoned books

Cheap Books

Do you like books for under a dollar? Amazon lists a copy of Romeo and Juliet for under a dollar and then there's a whole series called Dover Children's Thrift Classics. Check it out. They have Favorite Greek Myths for 80 cents!