Some Pretty Good Music

Baby Gramps

We like Baby Gramps.

One of these days, maybe, will be up and running. Don't hold your breath.

The only way to get his CD is to go to one of his concerts or drop by Morrill Books. Or, you can write to him or phone him and bug him.

Baby Gramps
Box 82255
Kenmore, Washington 098028

His phone number is (425) 483-2835        (If he wants to know how you got his phone number, tell him Sarah gave it to you.)

We have about 10 of his CD's at the store that we sell at cost for $15. We have 3 of his 20 minute videos that we sell for $10.

Here is a short sample of his Teddy Bears' PicNic.

"Same Ol' Timeously" is the name of his CD. (Timeously, by the way, is a real word.)

So, who is Baby Gramps? That's a good question. Hm. Part  R. Crumb character, part Captain Beefheart, part Pee Wee Herman, part Popeye the Sailor.

He's much better in concert than he is on his CD. I expect he'll make another CD soon. The one he has out is poorly produced and lacks his best stuff.

Baby Gramps is essentially a street musician who's much too good to be playing on the street for free.

He's part novelty act, part really good musician. These two parts don't mesh perfectly. If you like ragtime and stunt guitar, he won't disappoint. And if you like the whimiscally strange, he's the man.

How much of his persona is an act? Some of it. Not all of it..

Is he a nice person? Amazingly so.

Is he nuts? Terribly nuts.

Baby Gramps is a hippie whose love of music is a true obsession.

I used to think Linda Ronstadt sang pretty lame in Spanish but after learning that many native speakers of Spanish love her stuff, well, I decided I could like it too.

Canciones de mi padre--about $12. By Linda Ronstadt

Mas Canciones--about $12. By Linda Ronstadt

I saw Ms. Ronstadt walking around in the de Young and nobody noticed here. Do you know why? To put it kindly, she doesn't look like her photographs.

There's something magical about Irish music. Plain and simple. And there's something important about it too. Aristotle said only the well examined life is worth living and Martin Luther King said if there's nothing you'd die for then you're not fit to live. No argument there. But here's Sarah's Corallary. If you'd don't know all the words to at least five old Irish songs, then somehow, somewhere in your life, you took a wrong path.

Would you like to know the meaning of life? Or how about this. Do you want a reason to live? OK, here goes. Learn all of the songs on these three CD's. That will do it.

The Best of the Dubliners By the Dubliners. This has "I'll Tell Me Ma" and a haunting tune with bells.

Irish Songs of Drinking and Rebellion by the Clancy Brothers (With the exact same songs as "28 Irish Pub Songs." One is cheaper but I don't recall if one is better.

28 Irish Pub Songs -- The Clancy Brothers

1. O Donnell Aboo
2. The Croppy Box
3. The Rising of the Moon
4. The Foggy Dew
5. The Minstrel Boy
6. The Wind That Shakes the Barley
7. Tipperary Far Away
8. Kelly the Boy From Killarne
9. Kevin Barry
10. Whack Fol the Diddle
11. The Men of the West
12. Eamonn An Chniuic
13. Nell Flaherty's Drake
14. Boulavogue
15. Whiskey You're The Devil
16. The Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe
17. The Moonshiner
18. Bold Thady Quill
19. Roisin' the Bow
20. Finnigan's Wake
21. The Real Old Mountain Dew
22. Courting in the Kitchen
23. Mick McGuire
24. A Jug of Punch
25. Johnny McEldoo
26. Cruisein Lan
27. Portairge
28. The Parting Glass
If the Clancy Brothers and the Dubliners is too folky for you, try Flogging Molly. It's a wonderful way to shake the walls.

Blue Grass / Traditional

Hey, O Brother is pretty good. Everybody likes this CD. I really like the film too. Don't let the fact it's popular keep you away from it.

Classical Music

And here's the best CD we know of for the Brandenburg Concertos.

Benjamin Britten wrote the Simple Symphony. It's quite nice.


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