~ Donation Page ~

"When you see somebody carrying something, help them with their load.
And don't go mistaking paradise for that house across the road."
Mission Statement:
"Burn down the mission."
Morrill Books would like to give you the opportunity to donate money. It's kind of like buying books but you don't get any books.

When you drop by the store, please put your cash or spare change in an envelope and indicate which fund you'd like it to go toward.

Online, you have to have a credit card. If you don't have a credit card, you probably should just hold on to your money.

(The nice thing about donating with a credit card is that it's painless for days and days until you receive the annoying bill.)

Alex's Instant Coffee Fund

Alex doesn't have a job because all he wants to do is art. When he doesn't have money, he doesn't eat. He doesn't complain but he looks awful. It bothers us. But when he's out of instant coffee, matters are even worse. New coffee (NesCafe--(No es cafe!)) will be put into his old jar which doesn't have a lid. The top is capped by waxed paper (not plastic wrap!) held on by a rubber band.

Amnesty International

"Some of us our prisoners. Some of us are guards."

Bay Street Mutual Fund

This is a street theater group that mostly talks and drinks coffee but sometimes goes out into the street with ideas that might have pleased Coyle and Sharpe. One time they hired people at $5.00 an hour to take pictures of tourists with cameras that didn't have any film. Another time they staged a demonstration in Dolores Park which was very political but very vague. And then there was a protest march in which participants held signs which just had pictures of fruit. Perfomances vary. Sometimes shrill, sometimes surreal. And sometimes maybe just stupid. They paid a fellow $25 to stand on a street corner for an hour to wait for a person to approach him and ask for the password. Nobody did. A future project is to perform the Arther Miller / Joe Frank Either/Or blind pantomime-- live and behind a curtain. That's going to cost money renting a hall and printing up fliers.

Bench Inscription Fund

This ambitious project is probably a sympton of mental illness. Be that as it may, Sarah wants to compile inscriptions on all the statues and donated benches in San Francisco. We don't know how, but it's sure to cost money.

Camp Winnarainbow

Gosh, how we like Mr. Gravy!

Conspiracy to Overthrow the Government of the United States Fund

We put dollar bills in envelopes along with notes that say things like "Go Left, Young Man" and "Fidel Castro Loves You."  We hand them to people and sometimes put them on windshields. (One time Tallman dressed down, stood in front of the Fairmont and handed them to people entering and leaving. Very nicely dressed people lined up five deep to get their dollar bill from Tallman who was holding a cardboard sign with the words Free Money written in crayon. We got it on  videotape. He was ordered to leave about the time the money ran out.) When asked, "Why are you doing this?" we put on our Up With People smiles and reply, "Because we are Communists!"

Food Not Bombs

<>They feed people on the street. Pretty simple. But it's often against the law, so watch out. "People have knives and forks. They've gotta cut something."

Goats for Peace

Buy a goat for $125 and send it to Africa.

Goddess of Democracy Upkeep Fund

<>The plaque on the Goddess of Democracy Statue in Portsmouth Square is unreadable. We'll forward money to Parks and Rec. so they can re-engrave it.

Ladies Against Women

Suffering, not sufferage!

Abolish the environment! It takes up too much space and it's impossible to keep clean!


Nice people. Kind of like ADM without the satanic influences.

Piano Fund

Sarah's piano needs tuning and repair. It's discouraging the more talented visitors.

Penguin Fund

Join with the San Francisco Zoo to help with the care of penguins.

Sempervirens Fund

Save the redwoods. Save Big Basin. Wonderful people. By far, our favorite conservancy group.

Seva Foundation

Wonderful people. Wonderful work. I sometimes think we should all just stop what we're doing and work full time for Seva.

Sidewalk Chalk Fund

This fund is to buy sidewalk chalk to give to children we see in the park and other places.

Sonnet Club

This is a project that gives $10 to children under twelve years old who memorize (and memorize well) a sonnect by Shakespeare or Robert Herrick and a few others. (No Edna St. Vincent Millay or Cristina Rosetti.)

Southern Poverty Law Center

If you haven't heard of Morris Dees, by all means, find out about this guy. A contemporary hero.

Thomas Marsh Fund

Thomas Marsh is a sculptor of extraordinary talent and he's also a fine human being. (Something we can't say about Alex because Alex is just plain nice.) This fund will help Mr. Marsh free up more of his time for art.

United Farm Workers

Justice for farmworkers.

Violin Fund

This fund is to purchase violins for young people.

Morrill Books