Adopt A Deserter

Desertion. Support it. Encourage it.  The war in Iraq is wrong.

Just about every war the U.S. engages in these days is wrong.

Flat out wrong.

Those who joined the U. S. Military made a big mistake.

Those who join and desert because they don't want to kill innoncent people are worthy of our support.

Instead of sending chocolate chip cookies to those U.S. soldiers who haven't yet deserted, we choose to send support to the deserters, their friends and their family.

In these times, going AWOL is a good, moral choice, worthy of our support.


Recent News: (January, 2005) Read about Sgt. Kevin Benderman of Hinesville, Geogia.

Recent News: (January 2005) Read about   Carl Webb.


What can we do?

Write a note of support and send it to Camilo's mother. Her address is:

Maritza  Castillo (Camilo's mother)
 201 178 Drive # 323
 Miami, FL 33160

Here are her words:

        My name is Maritza Castillo and I'm an active member of Military Family
 Speak Out (MFSO). I'm also the mother of Staff Sergeant Camilo Mejia.

        On March 24, 2004, Louis Font, my son's lawyer informed me about the charges
 that my son is being accused of. This is what he told me:

        "Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia, 28, of Miami, Florida was charged by his
 commanders at Ft. Stewart, Georgia with desertion on Wednesday, March 24,
 2004. He will be tried by a Special Court Martial, which means that the
 maximum sentence he can receive is one year imprisonment and a Bad Conduct

        I've also learned that army officials have restricted Camilo to Ft. Stewart
 and have barred him from conducting face to face interviews on the base with
 the media. Louis Font, his civilian attorney, plans to challenge this
 "gag" order, arguing that my son's rights to free speech are being abridged.

        President Bush does not give any explanation about the weapons of mass
 destruction that have not been found and for which he invaded and bombarded
 the people of Iraq and sent our young soldiers to die in this illegal and
 immoral war. Instead he makes a mockery about the reasons he's had to spend
 the money of the American people in this bellicose adventure. When he is
 asked about the weapons of mass destruction and the chemical weapons, he
 responds with vulgar gestures.

        It is in this context that the army ignores the conscientious objection
 application that my son Camilo submitted to this institution. Instead they
 accuse him of desertion.

        I'm addressing the people of the United States of America, the Hispanic
 Community and the world to express my deepest sorrow and indignation about
 the injustice that is being made against my son. I want to ask you to
 continue giving him your support. Please write letters to Camilo expressing
 your support towards his cause. Send letters to the Army Officials and to
 the Congress of the United States demanding that his conscientious
 objection application be accepted.

Camilo's Address:

Ssg. Mejia Camilo
 A Company USAG MED-HOLD 865
 Hase Road,
 Ft. Stewart, GA 31315

Commanding General, Fort Stewart's Address:
 Major General William G. Webster, Jr.
 Commanding General, Fort Stewart,
 42 Wayne Place,
 Ft Stewart GA 31314

Peace and Solidarity to the world.

Maritza Castillo

Military Families Speak Out


Letter from Camilo's aunt, Norma Castillo

        As you  should know, Camilo was found guilty of desertion and was sentenced to  one year in prison. Many injustices happened during that trial. The  defense was not allowed to present arguments that would have  demonstrated Camilo's conscientious objection. They did not let him talk  about his moral beliefs. Now they have sent Camilo to Fort Sill in  Oklahoma, far away from where his family lives, only to isolate him from  us. This, of course is not going to happen, because we will be wherever  they take him. And we will continue this struggle until justice  prevails.

        There  are many things that you can do to continue helping Camilo.

        It is  imperative that people write letters to General William G. WebsterJr.,  him to expedite the transcript of the trial. People can also request him  for clemency, he has the power to reduce the sentence. Camilo is a true  prisoner of conscience. It is because of his moral and religious beliefs  that he is in prison right now. Please make sure to let people know that  they need to send copies to Louis Font (Camilo's lawyer) of the letters  they write to General. Webster, Jr.  I will write the addressees down below.

        People  can also write letters directly to Camilo showing him their support.  Also, make sure people mention in the body of the letter that they are sending a copy of that letter to his mother Maritza. This is a way to  make sure these letters get to him. I'll also write down these two addressees. Thank you so much for everything you're doing.


Major  General William G. Webster, Jr. Commanding General,
 Fort Stewart 42 Wayne Place Ft.
 Stewart, GA 31314, USA

Louis  Font (Camilo's Lawyer)
 Font & Glazer
 62 Harvard Street, Suite 100 Brookline,
 MA 02445, USA

Pt.  Camilo Mejia
 Building 1490
 Randolph Rd. Fort Sill,
 OK 73503, USA

Maritza  Castillo (Camilo's mother)
 201 178 Drive # 323
 Miami, FL 33160

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