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--a place for books, music, video, and moldy boxes of old National Geographic Magazines.

We do not belong to theAntiquarian Booksellers Association.
Submission of our application resulted in a fit of coughing. And that was it.

Hey--we are migrating to another server. Lots of links won't work. Nobody died or anything.
Maybe we'll be up and running in February. Keep your digits crossed.

Hi. I'm Sarah. I run a little bookstore in San Francisco and this is its website.


Our list of book recommendations

Our list of author recommendations
Our list of books we sort of push (because they're good for you.)

-->  Absolutely wonderful children's books.
-->  Books to read when you're depressed.
-->  Recommendations from other people.
-->  Smiled upon by  popular culture
-->  Books for the brainless.
-->  The 100 best videos.
-->  Short stories
-->  Used books